Strategic Alliances

We are where we are today because of the faith and trust these companies have placed in us. With their help, we are realizing our goal of producing clean power from waste sources. Everyone has a unique part to play, and each alliance moves us one step closer to addressing the global problem.

Founded in 1991, PSE is a consulting engineering firm currently based in Sandy Utah. In 2009, PSE was recognized as one of the largest full-service consulting engineering firms founded in Utah, and to this day continues to provide support to the world’s largest mining, refining, food, and other manufacturing companies.

PSE completed the engineering work behind our SREUS 200 kW unit for development. They have additionally completed the engineering showing the mass-energy balance (MEB), the process flow diagrams (PFD), the piping and instrument diagrams (P&ID), code compliance check, and equipment data sheets, as well as the 3D rendered drawings you see on the site. 

Founded in 2015, FunnelPress is a digital marketing agency that builds quality websites and sales funnels. 

Their purpose is to assist successful entrepreneurs in taking their companies to the next level through functional automations, streamlined workflows, and marketing strategies. Their services increase business profits and allow entrepreneurs to spend their time doing the work only they can do in their business, and most importantly, with their families. 

FunnelPress develops and maintains the website & manages their company IT infrastructure. 

For over 40 years Kitco Iron has been welding & fabricating in the Utah Salt Lake Valley. They specialize in everything from residential to commercial metal fabrication, and have expertise in custom steel and ironwork, metal working, structural work and industrial welding, installation and assembly services. 

Kitco fabricates the SREUS 200 kW unit. 

SREUS has previously worked with Southern Fabrication Works and SFW has the capability/is excited to mass-produce the Vac Evap heat exchangers.

SFW’s existing equipment will handle trash in, and stone and glass removal for feeding trash to SREUS systems as fuel.

Our Municipality Partners

When it was time to upgrade their sewer facility they were searching for a non-traditional, environmentally-friendly solution.

The City Council of Toledo Oregon unanimously approved moving forward with SREUS. 

CNC Machining

Newport Tool is a multi-axis CNC machine tool facility with multiple stations. They supply machined components to medical and industrial customers in the mountain west. They have the capacity to build many parts for SREUS.

Stainless Tubing and Valves

Salt Lake Valve and Fitting is a supplier of high-pressure and high-temperature stainless tubing, valves, and fittings. They can pre-build SREUS tubing and piping assemblies and leak check sets prior to installation into SREUS systems.

Ducworks has the capacity for welding, machining, coatings, and assembly, and their projects range from aerospace to high-end commercial construction. Their capabilities include fabrication through installation.

Braun is a specialty and one-off machining experience. SRUES and PSE teams have used Braun over the years on special projects.

Braun actually Built Parts for the SREUS Prototype.

SREUS Energy and Utah State University water treatment labs have met and are developing programs for testing incoming sewer sludge and outgoing cleaned water from SREUS. The professors are particularly interested in tracking PFOS and other microplastics and toxic contamination to confirm the full or partial destruction of these items in SREUS systems. 

The SREUS Team has worked with SS&PF on various projects for DOE. As SREUS continues to grow, site visits and interviews confirm that SS&PF is very capable of significant volumes of SREUS production units.